Laois AfricaSupport Group

Laois Africa Support Group is an Irish non-governmental and voluntary organisation in Laois, set up by Bolaji Adeyanju.

Our objectives are to involve Africans and other minority groups to become active participant in the local community through various programmes and events.

Our 4 main objectives are:

  • To facilitate programmes that link the Irish culture with the African culture, heritage and diversity in Ireland.
  • To work with government, non-government bodies, and other minority groups to help access programmes that promotes equal opportunities for the African and migrant communities in Laois.
  • Create and involve the African and migrant communities in various programmes that promotes integration into the wider community.
  • Facilitate community dialogues and participation with other groups.

Our Vision


Our Mission



Bolaji Adeyanju formed the Laois Africa Support Group in 2017. Bolaji is originally from Nigeria, and has lived in Ireland for nineteen years.

Like many African migrants, Bolaji has lived through the Asylum system and so understands the causes of migration and knows the challenges migrants face.

Bolaji has worked in a variety of employment in Ireland, beginning with a Pharmacy chain where he worked his way up to become an over the counter salesperson. He then moved on to one of the biggest financial institutions in the country, where he could utilise his third level qualification in Economics, Banking and Finance.

He became a Laois Migrant Support Worker in 2020, a role in which he hopes to make a lasting change.

Bolaji is a strong believer in the power of migration and the impact of the ability to work together irrespective of race, religion, colour, nationality or sexual preference. He always knew the African/Migrant community had plenty to offer his local area and so the Laois African Support Group was born.

The group is surrounded by respectable members of the migrant and Irish community who generously give their time, experience and knowledge to making it the best it can be.

“This weekend Ava and I went to Portlaoise for the day to attend Laois Africa day flagship celebration which took place in the Kavanagh Park. This annual event in Portlaoise is a free family friendly event . Africa Day is a celebration of the continents unity and is the annual commemoration of the foundation of the Organisation of African Unity on May 25, 1963. It is celebrated in various African countries, as well as around the world.

Overall the event is a really great family day out with lots of family-focused activities, including children’s games. It was very accessible with

We had a super day and will definitely be back next year for Africa Day 2019!

Thanks for reading”

Trish Travelers blog

“This was a great family experience and one every family should part take in. A great day out lots to see and do every child should have this experience.”

William Jones

“Opinion: I was a vulnerable girl when I came to Ireland, and I’m forever grateful to the loving friends I met through Africa Day.”

Justine Singer

“i would like to thank you guys to visit us in hazel hotel, really it was nice to meet such a persons like you all was awesome and supportive ❤”

R Al Sayed Singer

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Our objective is to involve African and Irish people and minority groups to become active participants in the local community through various programmes and events.

  • Cultural Activities

    LASG facilitates several activities in the Laois Area. We believe in building a strong, proud community, where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. Cultural activities help to build strong relationships, friendship, and togetherness. Activities include:

    Food: We grow up eating the food of our culture. food is a way of expressing and preserving our cultural identity. Discovering various food from the continent of Africa and Ireland. Sharing recipes and Cuisine helps explore different tastes and strengthen relationships by encouraging a sense of trust, community, and belonging.

    Art and Music: Art in the form of dance, storytelling, and musical rhythm form an integral part of the Culture and Heritage of the continent of Africa and Ireland. It helps every society to achieve a deep sense of social cohesion and togetherness. lt helps to express emotions and build language. Music in Africa begins with a gentle lullaby from infancy, continuing with games of childhood and the songs and dances associated with adult responsibilities, and finally death and mourning. lt helps to express emotions and build language skills
    LASG work with members of the wider community in embracing their own identity and heritage through art and music. We encourage our local community to get involve in various art and craft. We have a number of African art work that we display in our events. All artwork are on display in our shop.

  • African Drumming Workshops for Schools and Colleges
  • Afro Zumba & Nutritional Talks
  • Educational Talks in Schools and Colleges

  • African Clothing and Attires
  • Hair Styling
  • Language translation (African)